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Time to charge your batteries

With the Compleo eBOX you can start the day with full batteries.

Driving 2.0 

Once you have driven an electric vehicle, you will not want to go back. Pulling away quietly, gliding along effortlessly without producing emissions – that is how sustainable mobility works. After arriving at home, it is time to recharge your batteries as well as those of your EV. In an ideal setup, the green electricity required for the process comes from your own solar modules or the green electricity supplier of your choice. 

Far more than just a power socket 

As soon as you order your new electric vehicle, you need to plan your wall box at home. Where can you install it, how can you control access and which features make it future proof? Linking it up to the user's own solar panels is also becoming an increasingly interesting option. 

In particular when it comes to network connectivity, different options can help you to keep an overview of who charged how much and which recent updates are available. 


Recommended charging stations


Smart charging at its most compact

eBOX professional 

The eBOX professional is your innovative wall box with versatile connectivity options and calibration law-compliant recording of charging data. 

  • Modular click design for upgrading the system and replacing components* 

  • Unique light ring design for clearly displaying the charging status 

  • Complete overview of utilisation, access rights and updates with the eCHARGE+ app 

  • Compatible with digital services by Compleo and other IT backend providers via OCPP standard protocol 

  • Up to 22 kW of charging power – can be used universally and for any electric vehicle 

  • Single-hand operation 

  • Versatile connectivity via wireless and wired LAN as well as 4G mobile data network 

  • Weather-proof with IP55 rating 

  • Plug & Charge-ready (ISO15118) 

*For calibration law-compliant versions the complete unit must be replaced 


A glowing example 


Since a wall box is also part of the furniture, your eBOX can smartly be connected to any OCPP backend and you want to be prepared for every car of the future, the eBOX is your perfect companion on the path to emission-free mobility. 


Flexible installation – step by step 


Click, set, go. This is how easy an eBOX is installed and commissioned. Thanks to a versatile choice of accessories, we can offer the user the choice to mount the box on a wall, on a single or a double pole at their home.  

The box can then be configured wirelessly, via our eCONFIG app which was especially developed for professional users. 


Reliable and robust – for many years 


In addition to attractive looks that reflect the high-quality build of the box, a reliable and calibration law-compliant charging solution, in particular for fleet cars, is a key requirement for professional operation. 

With its IP55 rating, the eBOX can withstand any type of weather. And the eBOX remains online even if a fault occurs (e.g. residual current device tripping). In this way the fault can efficiently be diagnosed and remedied remotely.