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Stop, charge, load

Charging infrastructure in the retail environment

Arrive, plug in, charge 

Why not use the time the car is hooked up to the charging point to go shopping? More and more customers drive electric vehicles and ensure that they can charge their vehicle at the car park when looking for a place to stop. The preferred method of payment is contactless – by customer card or EC debit/credit card. 

It is all about the price 

In addition to a reliable and user-friendly charging infrastructure, the type of billing is increasingly becoming a key factor for operators. On their own car park, in particular, they want to be able to influence the applicable rate and the charging experience directly. 

For many customers the easiest way to pay for charging without registering first or the risk of incurring any hidden fees is to use payment methods they already have in place, such as debit or credit cards. 


Recommended charging stations


Fully equipped smart charging at its most compact

eBOX professional

The eBOX professional is the innovative and compact charging solution that will make your brand shine. 

  • Can be activated via RFID card (e.g. customer card), app and direct payment 

  • Compatible with digital services by Compleo and other IT backend providers via OCPP 

  • Load management for optimised use of the available grid connection  

  • Modular click design for upgrading the system and replacing components* 

  • Single-hand operation 

  • Versatile connectivity via wireless and wired LAN as well as 4G mobile data network 

  • Weather-proof with IP55 rating 

  • Plug & Charge-ready (ISO15118) 

*For calibration law-compliant versions the complete unit must be replaced 


More charging power, less construction work

DUO fleet 

DUO fleet boxes can be efficiently connected in series reducing installation costs by up to 50%. 

  • Calibration law-compliant, regardless of whether an IT backend system is used or not, thanks to unique storage and display module (SAM) 

  • Clear user instructions via bright 3.5’’ display 

  • Compatible with digital services by Compleo and other IT backend providers via OCPP 

  • Up to 22 kW of charging power per charge point – can be used universally and for any electric vehicle 

  • Single-hand operation 

  • Versatile connectivity via LAN as well as 4G mobile data network 

  • Can be activated via RFID card (e.g. existing employee ID), app, direct payment and Giro-e 


Fast and precise – both are possible at the same time

CITO 500 

Rapid charging during the course of the day. The CITO 500 makes it possible even at less powerful grid connections. In addition, the SAM module provides calibration law-compliant metering and payment is fully integrated.

  • With 50 kW of capacity it is also perfect for less powerful grid connections or to replace a double AC charging station

  • In Germany, the CITO 500 is optionally available with payment terminal/ready for all payment methods 

  • The only calibration law-compliant AC/DC charging solution in this capacity class 

  • Space-saving installation due to access/opening via the front of the enclosure 

  • AC and DC charging in parallel 

  • Stays online for fault diagnosis when disruptions occur (e.g. tripped residual current device) 

  • Bright 4.3“ display  

Recommended software


Manage charging points professionally with ENTERPRISE, formerly known as wallbe HUB

  • Availability: when do you want users to charge for free and during what times do you want to charge them? Furthermore, it is also possible to set maximum charging times and amounts 

  • Updates for charging stations: the charging infrastructure can also be updated via the wallbe HUB 

  • Configuration: detailed options for configuring charging points to suit the required applications  

  • Publicise charging point: allow charging points to be displayed in apps and sat nav systems 

  • Maintenance: plan and document 

  • Functionality updates: even though the price is fixed for the duration of the contract, Compleo is continuously developing new functionality and makes it available via updates at no additional costs


The perfect payment experience

  • Direct payment: pay for charging sessions ad-hoc and transparently via EC debit or credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. On completion customers are sent a digital receipt  

  • Tariffs: rates can be set and adjusted flexibly. There are no hidden costs and the process is completely transparent for the user 

  • Flexibility: different prices can be set for each charging point 

  • Roaming: in addition, users from other charging providers can see and use the charge points under roaming


No registration, no contract – charging made easy 


At the Compleo payment terminal charging station you can pay for your charging session directly. The price is displayed instantly and can be paid by debit or credit card as well as via Google or Apple Pay. On completion, you will receive a digital receipt. 


Quick installation and flexible configuration options 


Compleo products are optimised for fast and efficient installation – from the modular eBOX to the powerful CITO 500. If required, all products can be supplied pre-configured, saving valuable installation time at the construction site. 


Set prices and improve the customer experience 


Easy operation and versatile activation options ensure a perfect charging experience for all users. 

With the ENTERPRISE backend, prices can also be adjusted in connection with POS systems. Charging sessions can be billed and a receipt be issued in compliance with German calibration law.