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Big 5: Five Compleo product families for every charging need

Wallboxes, charging columns, DC fast charging and soon also high-power charging part of the new customer-oriented product startegy

Dortmund, 7. March 2023 – With Big 5 towards the future: This is how the new product strategy of Compleo Charging Solutions AG can be summarized. From today, the company, which is one of Europe's leading full-service providers of charging technology for electric vehicles, will be presenting its range in a new and streamlined guise. With five products in four to six variants each, Compleo wants to shape the future of e-mobility and give users exactly the charging options they need - whether at home, in the company or on the road.

 The new strategy underpins Compleo's realignment. Through acquisitions, the company recently had more than 340 different product variants in its portfolio, each with its own development, production, logistics and service costs. With five products in four to six variants each, Compleo is now positioning itself for the future with a strong customer focus, thus creating a strong basis for further improving quality and delivery times. The new line-up addresses all applications for charging electric vehicles - with numerous benefits and transparency, without unnecessary ballast. Requirements from abroad have also been considered. The five product families include wallboxes, charging columns for closed and semi-public use, public charging stations, DC fast chargers, and high-power charging (HPC). The new HPC offering will be launched in summer 2023.

Orders, contracts and forecasts already placed with Compleo Charging Solutions AG are still implemented with previous product variants. The supply of spare parts and co. are thereby secured for the lifetime of the products.

The Compleo product quintet at a glance:

1. Wallboxes: Compleo eBOX professional (up to 22kW AC) is suitable for homes and businesses. Type 2 socket, charging cable, LED light ring and more provide maximum charging performance and ease of use in an attractive design. In addition, the wallboxes are particularly easy to install via the eClick docking station and can be easily commissioned using the eConfig app or WebConfic.

2. Charging stations for closed and semi-public use: The Compleo DUO (2 x up to 22kW AC) is an all-in-one charging station with all components already integrated. This product stands for easy installation, versatility and durability. It is suitable for businesses, commercial parking lots and fleet charging.

3. Public charging stations: The Compleo DUO ims is suitable for direct connection to the public distribution network and complies with the Technical Network Connection Conditions (TAB). This all-in-one charging station includes all components, which simplifies installation and saves costs. Users can pay via card or smartwatch using the integrated payment terminal. The product also complies with the German Charging Station Ordinance and is compatible with all public low-voltage networks, which saves connection costs.

4. DC fast charging: The Cito 500 allows e-vehicles to be charged quickly and quietly at up to 50 kW. Users benefit from shorter downtimes. At the same time, charging with up to 22 kW AC is possible for a second vehicle. A plus for operators is the simple and calibration-compliant billing.

5. Coming soon! High-Power Charging (HPC): The newest member of the Compleo family, an HPC charger, will be introduced in a few weeks. The aim is ultra-fast charging with very high charging power, e.g. for service stations on the highway.

"With this streamlined and powerful portfolio, we are ideally equipped for the future and can optimally support users. Customers and partners benefit from increased transparency and planning capability - all in the name of innovative, efficient and convenient charging experiences," comments Jörg Lohr, CEO of Compleo Charging Solutions AG. "We have already been able to bring pioneering technology to the market in recent years, such as payment- and calibration-compliant solutions. We are very proud to be able to launch a new HPC offering in the summer, which will once again be unique in this way."