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Fast charging, easy payment: LSW chooses Compleo CITO 500 charging technology with fully integrated payment terminal

The Wolfsburg-based energy service provider installs Compleo DC charging station CITO 500 with an integrated credit card terminal. An all-inclusive payment solution ensures less effort and legally compliant billing.

Dortmund, January 9, 2024 – The LSW Energie GmbH & Co. KG (LSW) is expanding its longstanding partnership with Compleo Charging Solutions. In collaboration with the car showroom Autohaus Wolfsburg the companies are driving forward the development of e-mobility. LSW is the main provider in the Wolfsburg/Gifhorn area. Compleo is one of the leading full-service providers of charging technology for electric vehicles in Europe. As part of the collaboration, LSW is now installing Compleo's DC charging station CITO 500 on the premises of Autohaus Wolfsburg. The CITO 500 (50 kW) is the first charging station of its kind to be supplied with a payment terminal that complies with calibration law, which optimizes charging and payment processes. It already conforms to the guidelines of European legislation AFIR (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation).  

The Compleo charging station in Wolfsburg is the first CITO 500 with a credit card terminal, providing an all-inclusive solution with backend integration, payment terminal, provider and receipt server contract. CPOs like LSW no longer have to look for a payment service provider on their own; they simply enter into a contract for station integration with the Compleo backend eOperate. Everything else is included in the eOperate fees per charging point – both the payment service provider and the receipt server. This not only simplifies the operational process but also offers a cost-effective solution for LSW. 

LSW has been cooperating with Compleo since 2018. The first charging station was installed in Wolfsburg five years ago, at that time in collaboration with innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH. Currently, the car showroom uses a charging station for internal purposes. But this does not comply with calibration law. Therefore, LSW and Compleo seized the opportunity to jointly establish a new and contemporary public charging infrastructure with the car showroom. "The card terminal is state of the art. The CITO 500 is our first charging station with a credit card terminal, and Compleo, as a pioneer in legally compliant billing of charging processes, is the ideal partner. Instead of relying on multiple backend and hardware providers, we prefer to trust a reliable and experienced provider. The hardware runs smoothly and without disruptions. This is exactly what we had in mind", comments André Gensicke, Sales Electromobility at LSW Energie GmbH & Co. KG. "We really appreciate the fact that the charging stations are working. They don't break down and there are no technical problems." Gensicke also praises the trusting cooperation with the Compleo team and the car showroom Autohaus Wolfsburg. LSW has also been able to expand the expertise of its team through special training courses, so that technical staff are able to solve potential problems independently.   

Valentin Scheltow, Vice President Sales at Compleo, summarizes: "Integrated payment terminals are becoming increasingly popular for AC and DC charging stations. The AFIR supports the smooth availability and use of a comprehensive infrastructure network for alternative fuels throughout the EU, which also includes simple payment processes. Several months before the EU regulation came into effect, Compleo already had a calibration law-compliant solution on the market. The example of the CITO 500 charging station operated by LSW in Wolfsburg shows what this looks like in reality." 


About Compleo 
Compleo Charging Solutions is one of the leading full-service providers of charging technology for electric vehicles in Europe. As part of the KOSTAL Group, the company supports its business customers with various charging stations and a back-end for charging infrastructure. Compleo offers both AC and DC charging stations, including the first legally compliant DC charging stations on the market. The company is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. Customers include Allego, Clever, EWE Go, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, and more than 300 municipal utilities.  

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