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Form for customer mal function reporting

Customer name (Account) / Customer number

This information will help to identify the correct customer account within our customer database.

Details of reporting person

This information will be used to identify the contact person for this incident.

CPO portal

This information will help us to identify wether we have remote access for fast deeper analysis to the station or not.

Product information

Please identity the product group and the serial number of faulted charging station. In case of spare parts enter the words Spare Part as replacement for the serial number.

Location of reported charging station

Please report the exact location of the charging station.
If an on site service appointment is needed, our planing team can use this information for scheduling.

Category of reporting

Please select category from list.
This will help us to identify the correct technical person on our side.

Exact date of disturbance.

This information will speed up the remote analysis.

Sort of failure

Please select from list.
This will help us to find out the correct classification of disturbance. You can add detailed descriptions in the corresponding field detailed descrition.


Detailed failure description. You can expand the input field in the lower right corner.

Last status

Please report last status and date of status.
This could be the last OCPP StatusNotification from portal, or failure code from display message.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes of sending, the form was not sent successfully. In this case, we ask you to resend your service request. Thank you.