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Our goal: sustainable production processes at Compleo

It is Compleo's vision to achieve zero emissions in daily life as soon as possible. In our organisation, we use an integrated management system (IMS), incorporating the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 as well as other standards. We set clear targets for reducing our energy and material consumption for ourselves which are ISO 14001 certified.

Energy that is not used in the first place does not cause any emissions. Our ESG strategy will lead to a massive reduction in our energy consumption by 2027 at the latest. By 2025, our fleet will be exclusively electric; we will reduce business trips to a minimum and compensate for any remaining emissions by 2025 as well. In addition, we are evaluating if we will set a science-based target for ourselves. 

Sustainability of Compleo products does not end at the factory gates. We want to provide a sustainable and safe supply for our customers and have implemented a multitude of concrete measures to this end. We are planning to increase the proportion of recycled material used in our packaging and also in the raw materials for our products significantly by 2027. We are also continuing to further improve our waste management system as part of our ESG strategy. 


Energy consumption in MWh



At a glance: Environmental key figures

Key performance indicator 2019 2020 2021* Change in per cent
Greenhouse gas emissions in tonnes of CO2e 221.2 300.2 534.4 78.0%
Greenhouse gas emissions in tonnes of CO2e per EUR million of revenue 14.6 9.1 9.4 3.4%
Energy consumption in MWh 844.8 1,197.8 2,692.9 124.8%
Energy consumption in Mwh per EUR million of revenue 55.6 36.2 47.2 30.6%
Electricity consumption in MWh 170.8 228.8 406.8 77.8%
Percentage of renewables in electricity consumption - 25.1% 88.0% 250.6%
Gas consumption in MWh 432.1 447.6 1.360.1 203.9%
Petrol and diesel consumption in MWh** 241.9 521.4 926.0 77.6%
Amount of waste in tonnes (total) 59.0 133.7 130.6 -2.3%
Amount of waste in tonnes per EUR million of revenue 3.9 4.0 2.3 -43.7%

* 2021: Data of the former Compleo Charging Solutions AG and Compleo Connect GmbH (now Compleo Charging Solutions GmbH & Co. KG)
** For 2019 only recorded from March.