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Our corporate values

We act according to clear ethical principles and have high expectations of ourselves, our employees, suppliers and partners. These principles are set out in our Code of Conduct. In our ESG strategy, too, we have set ourselves the target of further strengthening the value-based and sustainable leadership culture at Compleo. This includes strict compliance with the law. In our ESG strategy, we have set out our targets of zero confirmed incidents of corruption, zero cases of anti-competitive behaviour and behaviour in violation of tax law as well as zero reportable data privacy and data security incidents per year. 

Within our sphere of influence we ensure that our suppliers and partners are not involved in any form of child labour, extortion, forced labour or other illegal forms of labour and that they pay their employees fair living wages. Many of our partners are based in the European Union so that the risk of any violation of human rights at our direct suppliers is relatively low. We have set out our values in this context in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We want to commit 100% of our critical suppliers to sign this code of conduct by 2023. In addition, we want to expand our sustainable procurement processes. We will audit suppliers for compliance with environmental protection aspects and human rights by 2024. 

Our management team

The members of Compleo’s Management Board are very experienced, with extensive expertise in the electric mobility sector and the management of fast-growing companies. Since August 2023, the members of the board are: Dipl.-Oec. Andreas Kostal, Dr. Gregor M. Schmeken, Joerg Lohr and Peter Hamela. In addition, a Works Council was established to represent the employees’ interests and concerns within the company. 



ESG responsibility at Compleo

For us, sustainability is not a sideline issue. Within the management team, CEO Joerg Lohr is in charge of the ESG strategy and its consistent implementation. Sustainability Officer Lyonelsy Medina.