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Software eOperate
Your electric mobility cockpit

Compleo technology 

For AC and DC charging stations 


eOPERATE provides a solid foundation for your business model. Conveniently control and activate charging points or invoice for charging sessions with our software products. Naturally, our electric mobility platform complies with the highest data security standards. 

  • Compatible with a multitude of charging stations via OCPP  

  • Multilingual user experience 

  • Quick access to hotline 

  • Comprehensive configuration options 


The cockpit for your electric mobility business

The dashboard of our eOPERATE operators’ software provides the professional and centralised interface for managing your charging infrastructure. With the ability to grant different access rights to different users and user groups, your company takes full control of your hardware. 

The intuitive user interface lets you get started quickly and, if required, access the more in-depth settings of your charging points as well. In this way, you have control of infrastructure operated by your company or of your customers’ and partners’ charging points. 

Compatible with a multitude of charging stations via OCPP
Can handle large transaction volumes
Complies with the highest data protection standards

Marketing of your charging points made easy

The ability to market publicly accessible charging points forms the basis for a business model. With eOPERATE you can provide automated and flexible charging options for different types of customers.



Mobile – also available on the smartphone screen

Electric mobility is all about connectivity. With the eCHARGE+ app all EV drivers on the go have a powerful charging point finder at their fingertips and can easily activate public charging infrastructure. Payment options include EV charging contracts or PayPal, credit card and giropay direct payment without registering. The drivers have the choice – eCHARGE+ provides all the options. 


Documents for download

With Compleo’s comprehensive documentation, planning to install the perfect charging system is easy. Put together your customised charging solution by simply selecting the charging station accessories and software products that best meet your needs. 

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