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Fleet Billing

Software Enterprise
Individual accounting data for your business

Compleo technology 

For DC charging stations 


Fleet accounting in the age of electric mobility poses new challenges and needs to run just as smoothly as before. 

  • Automatic generation of invoices for tenants, employees, customers etc. 

  • Automated crediting 

  • Automated sending of invoices


Individualised billing data for your company

The introduction of electric company vehicles requires a new billing environment. Automated processes should minimise costs and labour in this context. Fleet Billing ensures that the charging power invoice is sent automatically, incl. attached statements. The documents are archived for easy access and can be customised. 


Automated generation of documents
Monthly invoices sent by e-mail
Customisable documents

SEPA debit and credit

Charging of company cars at home usually requires debiting or crediting of user accounts. Fleet Billing generates the required SEPA data and prepares them for export. Account data are stored in an encrypted format.  



Billing by location and client

Since users in companies are often structured according to locations, departments or user groups, Fleet Billing can be controlled via clients, ensuring that different user groups receive specific documents.


Documents for download

With Compleo’s comprehensive documentation, planning to install the perfect charging system is easy. Put together your customised charging solution by simply selecting the charging station accessories and software products that best meet your needs.

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